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How to Build the Ultimate Retirement Plan

May 23 – Jim Puplava and Financial Sense Wealth Management's Aaron Wiegman, CFP discuss the best time to start a retirement plan as well as what to do and considerations to keep in mind depending on your age when starting one...

Wall Street Still Hasn't Priced In What We're Seeing in the Credit Markets, Says Chris Puplava

May 20 – After this week's market wrap-up, Financial Sense Newshour speaks with John Kosar at Asbury Research who says all of his models are negative on the stock market with energy being the only sector still positive when looking at...

Prolonged Slowdown in China, Says China Beige Book's Shehzad Qazi

May 19 – Just this week, data was released showing that China’s economy contracted sharply due to their ongoing use of very strict lockdowns and restrictions in pursuit of their zero Covid policy. Retail sales shrank 11%, which was far greater...

GXO's Mark Manduca: Job Shortages, Inflation Accelerating Global Automation Boom

May 19 – FS Insider speaks with GXO Logistics CIO Mark Manduca on the outlook for global supply chain pressures into the second half of 2022, what this means for inflation, where pressures are currently the worst, and how all of this...

Are We There Yet? (AKA: Is the Bottom In?)

May 18 – With financial markets not quite near seizure levels, we do not appear to be close to a Fed pivot yet. Further, the other concern given the decline in economic growth (negative print in GDP for Q1 2022) is that analysts continue to not price in...

Patrick Schotanus on Cognitive Economics and the Market Mind Hypothesis

May 17 – FS Insider speaks with Patrick Schotanus, visiting professor at the Edinburgh Business School and the lead developer of the market mind hypothesis at the center of the cognitive economics movement. Patrick explains how the market...

Weekly Update: Without Fed Pivot, Economic Backdrop Points to Hard Landing Ahead

May 16 – Financial Sense Wealth Management CIO Chris Puplava compares prior rate raising cycles where the Fed was able to engineer a soft landing in the economy, i.e. where it didn't lead to a recession, vs. today and shows how one of...

The Nursing Home Industry Is Facing a Shake-Up; Planning for Long-Term Care

May 16 – On today's Lifetime Planning segment, we speak with industry expert Brian Levy at Cambridge Caregivers on the number of challenges facing the nursing home / caregiving industry. Brian discusses the influence from Covid and says...

Ralph Acampora on Market Bottom, Higher Oil Prices

May 13 – After this week's market wrap-up, Financial Sense Newshour speaks with the legendary 'godfather of technical analysis' Ralph Acampora to get an update on his outlook for the stock market. Next, Jim Puplava and Gail Tverberg discuss...

Global Consumer Sentiment Readings at Recessionary Levels, Says Alexander Ineichen

May 12 – FS Insider speaks with Alexander Ineichen at Ineichen Research and Management out of Zug, Switzerland to discuss his most recent report covering global consumer sentiment levels, high frequency economic indicators, and...

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