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The Courage to Face COVID-19

Jun 20 – Jim Puplava welcomes Dr. Peter McCullough to discuss his new book The Courage to Face COVID-19, vaccination, what works against COVID, whether children should be vaccinated, and much more...

Weekend Edition: Fed Not Done, Draining Liquidity, and Energy Heading Higher

Jun 17 – After this week's market wrap-up, Financial Sense Newshour speaks with Bloomberg’s Head Equities Strategist Gina Martin Adams who sees the Fed Funds rate rising to 3% by year end before the Fed goes on pause, with one more....

Riders on the Storm: Inflation Nation

Jun 16 – The great majority of professional economists and the mainstream media define inflation as merely rising prices. However, this definition says absolutely nothing about any specific cause of rising prices. It implies that inflation can be caused by anything...

Jim Rickards on Economic Warfare, Russia Win, and US Recession

Jun 14 – Financial Sense Newshour speaks with well-known strategist and author Jim Rickards who says the biggest economic impacts of the Russia-Ukraine war have yet to hit the globe and explains when and how they are going to be felt...

Using the 1970s Playbook for Retirement Planning this Decade

Jun 13 – Investing in the markets and planning for retirement is going to be more difficult in the years ahead but there's a good way to think about how to navigate this period. Today, we discuss the 1966-1982 time period as a good analog of what...

Weekend Edition: Energy Spikes and Hard Landings

Jun 10 – Financial Sense Newshour speaks with John Roque, Head of Technical Strategy for 22V Research, on the big picture outlook for the stock market when it comes to spiking energy prices as well as a peak in P/E ratios from a very high level...

Oil and Gas Crisis Is Now Coming to America, Says Adam Rozencwajg

Jun 8 – Adam Rozencwajg, managing partner at Goehring and Rozencwajg, discusses his latest report warning investors to get prepared for a large spike in energy, food, and electricity costs in the months ahead. Adam says the gas crisis is now reaching...

China Mobilizing for War, Naval Blockade of Taiwan, Says JR Nyquist

Jun 7 – FS Insider speaks with JR Nyquist, former longtime contributor to Financial Sense, writer for the Epoch Times, and the author of multiple books to discuss a recent audio leak from members of the Chinese Communist Party and...

Weekly Update: Jim Bianco's Liquidity Warning

Jun 6 – Financial Sense Wealth Management CIO Chris Puplava covers Jim Bianco's recent warning on how the market may be facing a major loss in liquidity based on what we are seeing unfold right now in the repo market and money market funds...

Benefits and Drawbacks of Using Roth IRAs for Tax-Free Income in Retirement

Jun 6 – On today's Lifetime Planning segment, Financial Sense Wealth Management's Jim Puplava and Crystal Colbert discuss retirement planning strategies using Roth IRAs. They discuss their benefits and drawbacks, who and who shouldn't...

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