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Three Trillion Dollars Fading from the Market, Says Chris Puplava

Sep 29, 2023 – Chris Puplava, Chief Investment Officer at Financial Sense Wealth Management, elucidates the infusion of three trillion dollars into the market and economy within the last year. This influx stems from government spending...

Jim Welsh on Refinancing Costs, Tightening Credit, and the 2024 Outlook

Sep 29, 2023 – After this week's wrap up with Ryan Puplava, Financial Sense Newshour speaks with Jim Welsh at MacroTides to get an update on his big picture outlook for the US economy and markets. Jim says that the markets are...

Bloomberg's Simon White on the Next Inflationary Wave

Sep 27, 2023 – FS Insider speaks with Simon White, a macro strategist at Bloomberg LP and also the co-founder of the institutional research firm Variant Perception. Simon says we are currently seeing a weakening in both...

Global Rise in Yields Pressuring Markets, Says Peter Boockvar

Sep 26, 2023 – Peter Boockvar, author of the widely-read Boock Report, explains how the steep rise in bond yields (borrowing costs) across the globe is beginning to put a strain on the economic and market outlook. Peter discusses the impact...

Demographics Significantly Impacting Debt and Inflation Outlook, Says Manoj Pradhan

Sep 26, 2023 – In today's FS Insider podcast, macro strategist Manoj Pradhan sheds a light on one of the key long-term drivers of higher debt and inflation in the US and many other advanced economies: demographics...

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