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The Nursing Home Industry Is Facing a Shake-Up; Planning for Long-Term Care

May 16 – On today's Lifetime Planning segment, we speak with industry expert Brian Levy at Cambridge Caregivers on the number of challenges facing the nursing home / caregiving industry. Brian discusses the influence from Covid and says...

Ralph Acampora on Market Bottom, Higher Oil Prices

May 13 – After this week's market wrap-up, Financial Sense Newshour speaks with the legendary 'godfather of technical analysis' Ralph Acampora to get an update on his outlook for the stock market. Next, Jim Puplava and Gail Tverberg discuss...

Global Consumer Sentiment Readings at Recessionary Levels, Says Alexander Ineichen

May 12 – FS Insider speaks with Alexander Ineichen at Ineichen Research and Management out of Zug, Switzerland to discuss his most recent report covering global consumer sentiment levels, high frequency economic indicators, and...

Market Behemoths, Apple and Microsoft, Break Support; Bonds Looking More Attractive

May 11 – There's already been a large amount of damage in many tech names but two of the largest behemoths, Apple and Microsoft, both very heavily weighted in the broad stock market averages, particularly the Nasdaq, haven't seen nearly...

A Global Demographic Inflection Point

May 10 – We are now at a major inflection point in global history and, when it comes to large-scale structural changes to economies and society, there is probably nothing more important and wide sweeping than what we are experiencing...

Mark Kantrowitz on Changing Definitions of Student Loan Forgiveness

May 9 – On today's Lifetime Planning episode, Mark Kantrowitz, a leading expert on student financial aid, scholarships, saving for college, and student loans, provides his view on whether President Biden has the authority to forgive student debt...

Weekly Update: Beginning Signs of Credit Market Freeze; Assessing Fed Pain Point

May 9 – Stress in the credit markets is rapidly building but is still below peak levels associated with prior Fed pivots on monetary policy. We think the pain trade therefore is not yet finished before global central banks, most notably...

Weekend Edition: Rate Hikes, Macro Headwinds, and Selling Cascades

May 6 – After this week's market wrap-up, we are joined by Frank Barbera to discuss his macro and technical outlook on the market. Next, Chris Puplava gives an update on global money supply growth and a potential Fed pivot later this year...

Justin Smyth: Aside from Energy and Commodities, Most of the Market Now in Stage 4 Decline

May 5 – FS Insider welcomes Justin Smyth at to discuss Stan Weinstein's stage analysis trading strategy and what it is saying about the broad stock market outlook currently. Justin discusses how stage analysis works and warns...

Jim Paulsen Discusses Fed Rate Hike, Recession Risks, Inflation Outlook and More

May 4 – Jim Paulsen, Chief Investment Strategist at the Leuthold Group, joins FS Insider for a wide-ranging discussion on Fed monetary policy, today's rate hike, the outlook for inflation, whether he thinks the US is facing a recession, comparisons...

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